About me

Hello, My name is Samantha and I am the photographer behind Kissed by a Butterfly Photography.  I first started getting into photography when I was about 10.  My dad bought me my first camera and would encourage me to take pictures of anything and everything.  With that being said I have binders full of photos of my stuffed animals and pets birds from growing up!  Since my dad is the one who sparked my interest in photography I decided to honor him by naming my business "Kissed by a Butterfly Photography" after our song "Butterfly Kisses".

My Favorite thing to photograph is families!  I love seeing families

have a great time together and being the one who gets to

capture those memories.

Fun facts about me:

* I am an auntie of 20.  Yes I know, I'm super lucky!

* I have two furbabies named Gus Gus and Sassy Pants.

* I am a kid at heart.

* I am addicted to coffee.

Visit my facebook page or send me an email for more details.

Chelsea Pough

Chelsea is the owner of C.DaNae Services and specializes in Photography and Videography.  I frequently partner up with Chelsea during events that require 2 photographers or a videographer.